Is your business running you instead of the other way around?

Does the thought of moving forward or having to make big decisions leave you feeling overwhelmed?

This 4-week course will help you regain focus and figure out where you are heading with your creative business.

Whether you need to refresh an existing business plan or create one for the first time, I’ll hold your hand throughout and help demystify this crucial process.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to define your mission and objectives, focus your marketing efforts for the right audience and ultimately run a more profitable, exciting business!

‘This 30-day course not only taught me what a business plan is, but how it could show me the path I needed to take with my business to reach business goals I didn’t even know were possible. Marianne pushed me to do real research about my target market and competitors which I would have never thought could be as valuable as it was. I can confidently say that, thanks to this course, I know exactly what it is I need to provide in order to get the clients I want, reach my profit goals and grow my business. (Not to mention the business plan template is absolutely irresistible).
Thank you, girl!’

Refreshing your Business Plan can help you to:

Gain clarity
A business plan will not only help potential investors or lenders understand what your business is all about, it will give you direction and help you see more clearly where you are going. It’s vital to keep working on it though, and not treat your original business plan as some sort of master to-do-list.

Understand your market
One of the biggest benefits of completing and refreshing your business plan is that it forces you to analyse your market. Yes, it takes a time, but I guarantee time spent researching your market is never a waste. The information you gain will give you an edge and you’ll know exactly how and where you fit in.

Completing a business plan will help you focus and feel more empowered. You’ll have a clearer idea of you objectives and goals, which will help you feel more committed.

Internalise your message
Fully articulating what you do is profoundly inspirational. A business plan will give you that foundation; a mission statement you can truly stand behind and communicate to others.

Take stock
Without a business plan it can be hard to measure how successful you are. If you refresh your plan annually, you’ll know whether you are hitting your goals and staying true to the core values of your business.

Throughout the course, you’ll get weekly support to help you complete a kick-ass business plan that will put you back in charge of your future. Better still, you will have fun doing it!

‘I’ve looked at business plan courses in the past but yours was the easiest to follow. The info in the weekly lessons goes into more detail and is easy to read and understand. I really like all the examples you give, as this made it easier for me to work out what I wanted to/should be writing. I like the extra techniques as well. These helped me get a more relevant, full, statement/answer out than if I was trying to answer it on my own. It’s so much harder to figure things out from scratch. I really liked getting the plan broken down into 4 weeks. When it’s in manageable parts, its less overwhelming and more enjoyable. It doesn’t seem like an endless task so I’m not rushing my way through it.’


Module 1 WEEK 1
Unit 1 Welcome to the 30-day Business Plan Refresh!
Unit 2 Week 1 Template
Unit 3 1. Executive Summary
Unit 4 2. Mission statement
Unit 5 3. Problem statements
Unit 6 4. Objectives
Unit 7 5. Keys to success
Module 2 WEEK 2
Unit 1 Week 2 Template
Unit 2 6. The Market
Unit 3 7. Competitors
Unit 4 8. Target Client
Module 3 WEEK 3
Unit 1 Week 3 Template
Unit 2 9. Suppliers
Unit 3 10. Other vendors & resources
Module 4 WEEK 4
Unit 1 Week 4 Template
Unit 2 11. Expenses & Supplies
Unit 3 12. Financial Projections
Unit 4 13. Marketing
Unit 5 14. The Future
Unit 2 Target Client Persona Workbook
Unit 3 Cost Analysis Worksheet

All this goodness included

You bring the cute pen (coffee optional)!


The course includes slides for each section, written lessons, a 23-page Business Plan Refresh Template with examples for you to print out and fill in, plus extras such as the Target Client Persona Workbook (value £15), and a Cost Analysis worksheet. Also, all the materials are super duper cute, because that’s how we roll. Just grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and a cute pen, and you’re good to go!

‘I have reached the end of the course!! It was much less scary than I thought it was going to be! The techniques and examples made it so much easier to break down into what was needed. It also made me sit down and focus on my business at where it is currently and where I would like it to be. I enjoyed the tips and areas of where to look to find any extra information, and I loved the overall look and feel of the questionnaire form. The fact it was pretty definitely appealed to the designer in me. Made it feel more fun than boring!’

This course is the PRO version of our free 30-day Business Plan Refresh email course. You get much more goodness, such as slides and all the other resources you’ll need.

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