Are you feeling fully fired up by your business?

I often think how running your business is very much like a love affair. In the beginning, when you’re at that sweet spot where your idea, skills, and target client collide, and you overcome your fears and take the step into entrepreneurship, it’s like that first crazy phase of falling in love. You are so excited about your newfound freedom, you work into the night tweaking your website and rewriting your copy, you order way too many samples and create price lists way too expansive, you work for peanuts and you just Love. Every. Minute. Of. It. You need that crazy falling in love energy to keep you going for those first couple of years, because it is a lot of hard work to get your foot in the door of any industry, and even more work to keep the door open indefinitely.

By year three or four you are starting to feel like you are fully on top of things, an expert in your niche. You’ve learned to attract the kind of clients you like to work with and who’ll pay higher prices, and you have workflows in place so you don’t have to keep every little to-do-list crammed into your brain or on various stacks of notes. You know your process and it looks like your business will be one those which survives.

And then something you weren’t expecting starts happening. You start getting… bored. Bored of dealing with clients who complain about the same things, bored of doing the same sort of commission over and over again. Suddenly you feel exhausted and you don’t know how and when things got so blurry. Why your heart doesn’t light on fire anymore, or why you find yourself constantly complaining about the routines. Add to that the changing times and feeling over your head with new technologies and ways to market, and it’s easy to start getting properly dispirited.

Why is that?

What happened is what happens in many relationships. The longer you know someone, the more invisible they become. In the beginning of a relationship, everything is new, you can’t get enough of the other person, and you want to know everything about them. Your hormones assist in this stage lasting up to around two years until familiarity has well and truly set it. The person next to you becomes invisible, apart from the times that they do something super annoying.

This exact same scenario can happen with you and your business, and once you’re there, feeling slightly disillusioned and wondering how to get that fire back, it can seem very confusing and hopeless. Especially for us artists because we put so much on the line. If we fall out of love with our business, it can too easily lead to us falling out of love with our art, and that’s something I really don’t want happening to you.

What can you do?

The good news is, that as with relationships, there are ways to reignite the passion for your business and creativity. It involves getting intentional with finding the core of your joy, and taking the necessary steps towards maintaining that, whatever the circumstances.

Let me ask you this, if you feel like you are trapped by your business, perhaps because of the income it produces, or the prestige it stows upon you, but you are feeling joy less often than you would like to, what is the difference to that office job you probably left to pursue your dream? If you’ve ended up feeling even remotely the same as you used to working for someone else, do you really have a valid reason NOT to shake up your business?

The first step to take when feeling uninspired by your business is to get serious about generating fresh ideas. In this course, we’ll go through fun techniques to help you come up with new ways of doing things, dream up new exciting products to offer and ways of providing your service in a way that could bring the fire back to you.

And even if you’re not completely dispirited by your business right now, it’s good to know ways you could refresh your ideas in the future. Let’s call it future-proofing. Once you know something, it’s hard to unlearn it, so by just having tools in your arsenal for possible future scenarios to come, you’ll be that much more prepared to deal with them.

How will this course help?

During the next 7 days, I’ll share with you my favourite techniques for generating fresh ideas, products, and services. We’ll prod your routines and question things that you might feel are impossible to change. By the end of the 7 days you will have new skills and tools to come up with new ideas in any situation, regardless of the circumstances.


Module 1 A week of ideas
Unit 1 Welcome to 7 days of new ideas!
Unit 2 DAY 1
Unit 3 DAY 2
Unit 4 DAY 3
Unit 5 DAY 4
Unit 6 DAY 5
Unit 7 DAY 6
Unit 8 DAY 7

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