So, there I was, hustling to make my voice heard. I was blogging, doing mentoring sessions and creating courses and testing them via different platforms, while at the same time dreading that any new offering would mean putting together yet another launch, yet another sequence of emails to bombard my lovely clients with. Only because I wanted to create something valuable for you, while also making a living myself.

And the fact that everywhere I looked, I couldn’t escape other educators showcasing their glamorous lifestyle and promising six-figure weeks, while flogging yet another course for an ever-increasing price. I knew it made me feel uncomfortable, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until it hit me. They were selling something I was not interested in. I didn’t want a multi-million dollar business, a closet full of designer clothes or lots of staff, and I especially didn’t want to feel like I was forcing my clients to buy the newest shiniest thing every time I created something for them.

The email that changed everything

So, I wrote an email in which I was very honest about the kind of life and business I want (quiet, homely, sustainable, comfortable, free) and urged those who felt a pull towards the jet-setting lifestyle to perhaps find a different mentor. It was nerve-wracking to hit send on that letter, I can tell you that much! But boy am I glad I did.

Sure, I got a few unsubscribes (and I hope those people have found the right tribe for them), but it was nothing compared to the amount of replies I received from those with whom my email had resonated deeply. I spent a few days just replying to emails, reading stories of quieter souls struggling to keep up with what seemed to be the ‘new normal’ in business, seeing comments such as ‘you have given me the permission to just do me’. It was wonderful! Here are few of the amazing comments.

‘When I looked around for courses and coaches, mostly what I found were promises that seemed to good to be true, tips that don’t sit well with my introverted self at all, and a lot of probably good but also uninspiring advice. So, it’s nice to have found someone who I can relate to and who shows me that I can get there without having to create this hyper-version of myself! ‘
‘Every now and then I get drawn in by the closet of shoes and feel my life should be more jazzy and then I remember you and your teachings and realise lots of expensive shoes and parties aren’t my type of success. My type of success is pottering around my lovely home, enjoying what I do, feeling creative, actually feeling good at what I do, and every now and then feeling waves of simple happiness that I am finally getting it right.’
‘Thank you so much for writing this because I feel more normal and less of a weirdo and it only enforces what my gut’s been telling me all along – that I don’t have to live the way everyone else is.’
‘I didn’t mean to turn this email into a woe-is-me essay, I just wanted to let you know that I totally get your email, totally agree with you, and it’s so refreshing to see someone be real about it.’

A new way

Reading all the replies, also made me seriously re-evaluate how I actually wanted to do things. I loved the personal connection of 1-2-1 mentoring, but I felt like I wanted to offer more support beyond those hours together. At the time, I was offering two different online courses via a third party platform that were bringing in an extra income, but I hated the impersonal way people went through them. And, as said before, I just dreaded the thought of going through the process of launching new courses, even though I had some new ones in the works.

Spurred on by the amazing feedback and my desire to simplify things, I started brainstorming different ways I could better support you without having to offer expensive services and bombard you with one launch after another. And the craziest idea popped into my head. I decided to build a place for all my online training resources, a place entirely designed and controlled by me, and instead of selling courses separately just have them all included. Now and in the future.

That seems kind of like I’d lost my mind doesn’t it? But it’s far from it. It felt like I’d finally come to my senses.

The greatest thing about The Breakfast Club is that once you’re a member, I’ll never have to sell or pitch to you again. You’ll only hear about the new shiny courses and other goodies you’ll automatically get access to when they go live. I’ll be able to talk about The Breakfast Club without dreading pitching you new products, or constantly worrying whether what I’m selling is valuable enough (which is a big stressor for a perfectionist!). I know you’re definitely getting value, as you’ll literally get everything that I know.

Sometimes the solution is staring at you straight in the face, but it takes the right moment and a lot of testing until it reveals its true glory to you. I can’t remember when I’d last felt that focused, excited and FREE. It felt like everything I’ve tested over the last few years has finally come full circle and fallen into place.

What I feel most excited about is how The Breakfast Club serves both you AND me. It feels so natural and right

For you:

  • You’ll get access to all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years when it comes to business, creativity, photography or technology
  • You will never have to read another course ‘launch sequence’ email from me again
  • You’ll get access to supportive education beyond our 1-2-1 time together
  • You’ll have  educational resources at your fingertips that help you implement the next steps
  • You’ll get to be a part of building a special community where quietness is a strength and where we solve things without being brash and constantly hustling

For me:

  • I don’t need to waste time on thinking up new launch campaigns and ways to sell new stuff
  • I can over-deliver as much as I want without it hurting my bottom line
  • I know you’ll always have access to the missing pieces in your knowledge and I don’t need to feel sleazy about pointing you towards a resource that will help you solve something
  • As well as bigger courses, I will be able to offer smaller valuable resources such as tech walkthroughs and how-to’s, which I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling as a full-on product
  • I’ll have a more personal connection to you and can create resources based on your exact needs


Study Group

The Study Group on Facebook is your chance to connect with me and other like-minded creatives. You’ll find partners to collaborate with, and new friends to use as sounding boards for your ideas. You’ll also be able to request new resources if you have a particular problem you’re dealing with.

I often find communities and groups way too loud and fast-paced, and I generally don’t participate much unless when asked a question directly. But I have a feeling that the community that you and I build together, will be different. Judging by the responses I get to my newsletters, you are someone who craves a gentler way, a place where discussions don’t turn into shouting matches or popularity contests. A community where we are united by the same values and an understanding that we need a space to discuss our pain points, not just to make noise.

Let’s build that place together. I think it will be something special!

If you’ve read this far, I hope you’ve felt that spark of connection. That gut feeling that says it’s not a coincidence that you’re here right now. I’d love for you to come on this journey with me! I want you to feel fulfilled and happy, instead of like you’re always coming up short and feeling too quiet to make your mark.

Let me support you on your entrepreneurial journey in a more gentle way. I want you to feel less overwhelmed and more empowered. I want you to feel free to ‘do you’. You can see my mentoring packages here. They all include an annual membership to The Breakfast Club.



About your instructor

Her Lovely Heart founder Marianne Taylor is a dreamer, a photographer, an educator and a lover of colour, light, and beauty. She has been a photographer since the late 90’s, along with having a long career as a magazine designer. Her wedding & editorial photography has been published in blogs and magazines the world over and her personal photography has been part of an exhibition at Tate Britain. In the past, she has been selected as one of the ’30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’ by Rangefinder Magazine and was the National Winner of the title ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ at the inaugural Wedding Industry Awards in the UK. She is passionate about helping quiet creatives to fall in love with their business.