Do you feel like you can tell a good story through your images, only when the circumstances are ideal?

Are the wedding albums you design a bit lacklustre?

Are you finding your style as a wedding photographer, but feel like you can’t get your clients to consistently connect emotionally with your work?

Photographers are not just mechanics, there to push a button according to what’s happening in front of their lens. You get chosen because of the way you see the world and the way you interpret the story of the wedding day. But storytelling is much more than just the schedule of the day, and that’s where a lot of people get it wrong. If you want to ‘let your pictures do the talking’ you’ll need to be able to present them in a way that connects with people.

‘The Storyteller is an absolutely lovely and inspiring course! Watching and listening to the course made me remember that shooting from a schedule is not to create a story and the course made me remember how much I love to catch all of those beautiful details, the loving moments, the beauty in a place and the feeling of it all. Marianne Taylor’s course The Storyteller reminded me that I’m a storyteller, a storyteller of life and love.’

In order to let your creativity run wild, it’s good to have a framework in mind about what kind of recognisable elements form a story. That way you are armed with the knowledge that you can always tell the best possible story, in any kind of timescale. You’ll always walk away with images that will flow together in a way that helps people fall in love with your vision, which allows you to charge what you’re worth. In this course award-winning wedding photographer Marianne Taylor shares her take on wedding storytelling, and how having a framework made her career skyrocket.


Module 1 The Storyteller
Unit 1 Video: My Story & Style
Unit 2 Exercise: Your Style
Module 2 Emotion
Unit 1 Video: Part 1 - Emotion
Unit 2 Example Slideshow
Unit 3 Exercise: Create a Story
Module 3 Connection
Unit 1 Video: Part 2 - Connection
Unit 2 Exercise: Shoot Editorially
Unit 3 InDesign Templates Walkthrough
Module 4 Resources
Unit 1 Reference Guide: Storyteller's Framework
Unit 2 HLH InDesign Templates
Unit 3 Helpful tools & Links

Everything you need for creating engaging stories & beautiful albums

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This course includes video modules, home exercises, software walkthroughs, a 22 page Digital Reference Guide and the Her Lovely Heart InDesign Album Templates (£44 value).

If you want to photograph emotionally moving wedding stories, consistently attract clients who love your vision, and sell more albums, this course is for you.

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